Solutions specialists.


Our tight-knit group – consisting of our founding team + a host of expert developers / designers – work collaboratively on every project to produce full turnkey solutions that are thoroughly-researched, well-designed, and artfully executed, for each of our clients' unique needs.


From concept...

Our leaders work with clients directly to discuss needs and offer competitive solutions, then develop unique upstream concepts in-house to begin the actualization process.

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Marc Tribbe

Founder + CEO

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Dusty Doris

CTO reality.

Our in-house staff then assembles our team of expert Developers and Designers to implement the requested project – an upmarket, proprietary solution for your unique company.

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The mechanics

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The artists

At our core.


Working with software such as BroadWorks can be extremely beneficial, but also extremely confusing and difficult to implement to its fullest potential. To alleviate these problems, we develop solutions to simplify processes, such as our platform odin – a unique overlay that is not only easy to use, but easy on the eyes.


Reducing the processes involved with BroadWorks is a priority request from users, so time management and ease-of-use as related to functionality is at our core of objectives. Software that's easy to understand, simple to manage, and quick to respond.


Reducing clutter is a mission unto itself. User experience on any platform should be simple, clear, and seamless. This is why we continue to develop modular, organic, visual interfaces that are condensed down to root needs – to serve the precise requests of each client, designed specifically for their unique equity and functional needs.