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Our unique platform odin conquers many complicated tasks with ease – simplifying and automating them so that you can better focus on your tasks at hand.

odin can easily connect into any existing Solution Provider’s infrastructure to serve as a growth engine to fulfill BroadWorks management, integration, automation, and provisioning.

Considering moving to BroadCloud PaaS or PaaS 2? No worries – odin still has you covered!


odin api 2 + webhooks

Customers and developers can hook into BroadWorks with ease. RESTful APIs and Webhooks accelerate development & integration efforts into other applications.


odin portal

Full self-service management at all levels: BroadWorks System, Provisioning, Enterprise, Group, and User. Developed with the BroadWorks hierarchy in mind.


odin provisioning

Simplify cradle-to-grave provisioning processes by allowing BULK actions for Users, Devices, Services & Features, and much more.


odin multi-tenant

Quickly amplify multiple instances of odin. In addition to unique branding, each tenant can be configured with their own custom product portfolios.


odin reporting

Showcase data through clean visuals and adaptive graphical representations that are optimized for any device or browser.


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