From one comes many.

Personalize your portfolios with odin wholesale.


Designed for the Service Provider, odin wholesale turns a single platform investment into multiple unique instances of odin portal that can be offered to downstream wholesale customers to resell.

In addition to unique branding, each wholesaler can be individually configured to house their own sets of features and products.



→  Create and sell multiple tiers and unique product offerings for each wholesaler

→  Add multiple wholesaler instances on-the-fly from a single platform

→  Full creative branding made easy


How it works.

It's as easy as 1-2-3.



Add a wholesaler hostname.

Give it a name. Each new instance is driven by it's unique hostname.



Define product sets.

Full service management – from design to accessibility. Brand your own product names, and decide who can view and manage each service.



Brand your portal.

Create a unique look and feel to represent your company. Change portal name, logo, mobile images and colors.


odin capabilities.

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