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Streamline your data with odin reporting.


With over fifteen+ years of experience in software development and BroadSoft™ platforms, Park Bench Solutions has created some of the most robust Call Detail Reporting tools available.

odin reporting showcases data through clean visuals – adaptive graphical representations that are optimized for any device or browser. These fully-interactive reports allow Service Providers, Wholesalers, or End Users to instantly drill down into the raw data to locate and utilize the details.


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Business Call Reporting


Group Call Dashboard.

Instant historical reporting for the last 7 to 30 days – plus, search capabilities across the entire organization.


Auto Attendant Tracking Report.

Capture all calls coming into and out of all Auto Attendants.


End User Report.

Dive into each user and track down specific calls.

Call Center Reporting


Enhanced CC Reports.

Full enhanced Call Center Reports. Live Queue & historical Instant search & filtering for custom reporting.


No Supervisor or Agent's License needed.

Clientless Reporting on any device, browser, or OS – for anyone!


No BW Database Server (DBS) needed.

Our built-in reporting engine handles everything – no need for a BW DBS.

odin capabilities.

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