Simplify processes for multiple actions with odin provisioning.


odin provisioning is an advanced module simplifying the cradle-to-grave provisioning process by allowing BULK actions for Users, Devices, Services & Features, and much more – condensing functions, streamlining processes, and saving you valuable time.


Speed Test, GO!

Results speak for themselves. Provision 100 users in odin vs. #BSFT CommPilot, Loki, UCEP, Toolbox, and others.


Service Provider / Enterprise

odin provides a single interface for building a Service Provider or Enterprise – to avoid using multiple wizards, saving you valuable time!



Quickly add single or multiple Groups, along with BULK services, features, devices, numbers, and admins – with only a few clicks!



Whether a single user or hundreds, odin provisioning is completed in seconds instead of hours or days.

Create users in BULK with numbers, devices, MAC Addresses, service packs, and more – with ease!


BULK Wizards

Streamlined BULK wizards help you save a considerable amounts of time.

With odin provisioning, save even more time by configuring Service Packs, Group Services, and User Features – and assigning them all in a single click!


odin provisioning provides all of these features – plus so much more!

Let us show you how we can simplify, modernize, and automate these processes for your company.


Additional odin capabilities.


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