Power of the Platform.

Hook into BroadWorks with ease using odin API + Webhooks.

For organizations providing VoIP services to businesses, one of the most pressing challenges is the difficulty in managing the fragmented and siloed systems of their own and their client’s infrastructures. Through the powerful REST odin API we tackle this issue head-on, for one of the World’s most sought-after VoIP application platforms: BroadWorks.

odin API is the most powerful ally to BroadWorks (now part of Cisco) flagship application platform. All the heavy lifting is already done!

The endless cycle of redevelopment, retesting and recertification between all custom or third-party apps and BroadWorks is all but eliminated with odin.  In addition, the odin platform includes several pre-built modules to deliver further time and cost savings.



Why are Service Providers and BroadWorks Solution Partners moving to odin?


Accelerate Development

Through powerful, simple and well documented RESTful APIs.

Go-to-market quickly

All the heavy lifting is complete, start integrating in hours instead of months or even years.

Redevelopment now a thing of the past

Intelligent version control is built-in, future proofing any integration.


With odin’s Webhooks & Callbacks, automation is a breeze.

We are very pleased to be able to add BroadWorks into our interop hosted VoIP applications catalog. This could have not be done without Park Bench Solutions’ well-documented odin platform and robust APIs ...we saved almost a year in development and in this industry that is far too much time-to-market.
— Carlos Lahrssen, CEO of DNA-AS Inc
Integration into BroadWorks in just two weeks was our very challenging goal but this became reality thanks to odin API! Working with Marc and his [Park Bench] team has been a pleasure. It’s great to be disrupting the market with another Tampa Bay company.

— Steve Lazaridis, CEO of Phonism


How many API calls does it take to build a customer with 10 users + an auto attendant?


*The above example comparison represents only a small fraction of what you can do with odin API. To learn more, click here to read and access the full documentation.



We love to Automate!

Any event or action can trigger odin api and a published webhook to your endpoint that allows other applications to unlock, consume and interact with the data inside BroadWorks.

For example, when any action occurs (such as a create, modify, or delete), odin api sends all this data via a webhook automatically to the defined endpoint. Your endpoint can then use that data to perform business logic rules, such as setting up a voicemail server, modifying billing information, setting up real-time SMS alerts, or even track granular point-in-time recoverability. The sky is the limit!

No more one-by-one – take significant amount of operation hours back!





API + Webhook Example: Goodbye swivel chair!


API + Callback Example: Set it and forget it!


API + BULK Example: Do more in less time!


odin API documentation:

  • Covers the complete BroadWorks OCI

  • Includes mock data that can be run either through command line or Postman interfaces

  • Numerous consolidated commands

  • Run ONE odin API call vs. thousands of BroadWorks OCI calls

odin capabilities.

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