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Mark Reverman Bio Photo

Mark Reverman

Senior Vice President, Development

Mark is a unique talent – a highly-advanced software developer that is both technically proficient and ready for the boardroom presentation. He brings over 25 years of skills and experience to Park Bench Solutions. Mark’s ability to take a vision, transform it into a design, and then put out a product with successful results has been proven throughout his career.

Mark was steeped in complex problem solving and tying disparate systems together with ease throughout his long career at Cincinnati Bell Telephone and their startup dating back to the mid 90s. This is where Mark began his passion for automation and streamlining manual processes across numerous, disjointed systems. His attention to detail, combined with pristine documentation and clean code development, helped many internal operations to scale at a rapid pace and eliminate manual processes and procedures. Mark also developed numerous solutions for Cincinnati Bell’s customer base, allowing them to extend a portfolio of products that were unique and unmatched by any peer service providers at that time.

Mark accepted the lead development role at Park Bench Solutions in 2019. He supervises a strong team of programmers while overseeing product roadmaps, analytics, and overall software development lifecycles.

Mark currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and three children. In his spare time, he has a passion for cooking, listening to Johnny Cash, and coaching his kid’s basketball and soccer teams.