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App Development

odin helps you cut complexity and streamline app development for Cisco BroadWorks.

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App development for Cisco BroadWorks can be extremely complicated. You need a solution to simplify development and overcome the challenges of building voice services for your customers.

You’re working on new technology – and need to impress customers.
Your goal is to constantly improve upon how applications work.
Your job is to create a superior customer experience.
You want to apply your technical knowledge to the applications you create – without any roadblocks.

Common App
Development Challenges

App development for Cisco BroadWorks can be downright messy. Anyone who's attempted to develop through BroadWorks has encountered a few common issues.


Cisco BroadWorks Isn’t Developer-Friendly

BroadWorks’ organic growth means many features have been bolted on over the years – creating an environment that’s confusing and inefficient.


Regression Testing Is Time-Consuming

Each revision of BroadWorks is different, requiring you to conduct regression testing any time there is an update or upgrade.


Senior Developers
Are Expensive

Developers with the experience and knowledge to navigate BroadWorks come at a high cost – and are hard to find.


How odin Solves
Your Challenges


Simplified app development
for Cisco BroadWorks.

odin’s REST API creates a more user-friendly environment for app development.


Cut complexity by 500x

With odin, you can create efficiencies and streamline development. Complete your tasks in just a few mouse clicks.


Eliminate the need for
senior developers.

Any junior developer can utilize odin’s REST API, so you can get the same results without hiring costly senior staff.


Do away with version control
and version management.

You can develop using the odin APIs just once, and our built-in translator handles any revisions and updates to BroadWorks over time.


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