This changes everything.


Welcome to odin 4 – the best in automated solutions.


With the release of odin 4 comes major advancements in Broadworks™ synchronization – including the most powerful iteration of our API to date:


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odin API 2 + Webhooks

odin’s award winning API is the most powerful ally to Cisco BroadWorks™. All the heavy lifting is already done! The endless cycle of redevelopment, retesting and recertification between any internal, custom or third-party apps and BroadWorks is all but eliminated with odin.

Accelerate Development

Through powerful, simple and well-documented RESTful APIs.

Go-to-market quickly

No BroadWorks knowledge required – all the heavy lifting is complete. Integrating in hours instead of months or years.

Redevelopment now a thing of the past

Built-in intelligent version control; future-proofing any integration.


With odin’s Webhooks & Callbacks, automation is now a breeze .


odin Online Docs

odin API 2, plus every component of the full platform, is now readily available online for your convenience.

odin API documentation:

  • Covers the complete BroadWorks OCI

  • Includes mock data that can be run either through command line or Postman interfaces

  • Numerous consolidated commands

  • Run ONE odin API call vs. thousands of BroadWorks OCI calls

In addition, all online platform documentation can:

  • Be fully duplicated and branded for your own customer base

  • Save valuable time & effort in keeping up-to-date

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odin multi-tenant

Formerly odin wholesale, this update includes the following enhancements:

  • ONE odin platform now supports connectivity to multiple BroadWorks instances regardless of their version release!

  • Create multiple sub-instances on the fly for any wholesale and / or Enterprise wishing to have their own branding and unique product catalogs

  • Control access per product or service for READ, CREATE, UPDATE, or DELETE functions

  • Branding support for all BroadCloud PaaS

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Call Center Queue Live Reports

In addition to the already powerful Call Center agent and premium reports, we’ve added a hook into events, capturing a live feed into the Call Center Queue resulting in a terrific, live graphical visual.

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User Dashboard

The user dashboard has gone through a makeover, offering:

  • Appealing historical graphical call statistics & details on the main dashboard

  • A simplified navigation menu which has been updated and moved to the left side allowing for a better user experience

  • User features that have been consolidated into a much more appealing view with enhanced navigation

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User Call Reports

A terrific addition to our already robust Reporting offers:

  • Selection of one or multiple users, displaying a side-by-side comparison of call details & analytics for each

  • A new visually appealing graphical output

  • Ability to drill down into the details online and / or via downloadable data sheets

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User Services Reports

An enhancement has been made to our User Services Report to easily run an audit of all users within a Group – and now within the entire Enterprise.

This report gives you a consolidated view of the user’s profile, device information, feature and services – assigned all in one place!

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Auto Audio Conversion

Who in the world knows what 8bit CCIT U-LAW is?! Nobody!

odin now handles the extraneous details of audio conversion everywhere an audio file can be uploaded – automatically converting an MP3 (or any other known format) audio file into the format BroadWorks requires.

…you’re welcome! ;)

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Centralized Project Rooms

One centralized view for Meet-me and Collaborate giving you all the necessary details you typically request all in one location.

No more navigating to each of the users one-by-one to find the information (such as bridge numbers and ‘my room ID').


– And more –







• Download large .CSV files (50k limit removed)

• Policies added and enforced

• Natural language formatting

• Phone services added

• ID added to top navigation bar

Our goal has always been to simplify, modernize, and automate any solution – and this update dramatically improves our ability to do that for our customers. We’re excited to share odin 4 with you!
— Marc Tribbe, CEO of Park Bench Solutions


Want to learn more?

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