Simplify. Modernize. Automate.


Park Bench Solutions is a next-generation software and services company, developing modern technologies primarily for BroadSoft™ BroadWorks – such as our unique platform, odin.

We work at the intersection of design and technology, creating efficient, easy-to-use, modular software, to streamline your employees' processes and help your company thrive.

So sit back, relax, and take a break on the bench – we're here to help!



Meet odin.

One platform, total control, unlimited results.


odin is the first fully-responsive platform for BroadSoft™ BroadWorks that organizes development & integrates networks together – exclusively from Park Bench Solutions.

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Easily hook into BroadWorks

with odin API+Webhooks.

By leveraging our powerful odin api, getting information in and out of BroadWorks can be done quickly and easily.

Now, anyone can create their own feature-rich portal, provisioning system, and/or web-based microservices, to perform any task the business requires.

odin Portal-BG4.jpg

Multi-platform possibilities

with powerful odin portal.

odin portal was developed with the BroadWorks hierarchy in mind, allowing for full self-service management at all levels: BroadWorks System, Provisioning, Enterprise, Group, and User.

odin Provisioning-BG1.jpg

BULK actions simplified...

with odin provisioning.

odin provisioning is an advanced module simplifying the cradle-to-grave provisioning process by allowing BULK actions for Users, Devices, Services & Features – and much more!

odin Provisioning_Clone-BG2.jpg

...and replication in minutes

with NEW odin clone!

odin clone is an industry-leading capability that allows admins to replicate unlimited Enterprise, Group, and Bulk User provisioning – in minutes!

odin Reporting-BG1.jpg

Personalized portfolios aplenty

with odin wholesale.

odin wholesale turns a single platform investment into multiple unique instances of odin portal that can be offered by Service Providers to downstream wholesale customers for resale.

odin Wholesale-BG1.jpg

Powerfully refined call detailing

with odin reporting.

odin reporting presents data through well-designed, fully-interactive reports, which allow Service Providers, Wholesalers, or End Users, to instantly drill down into the raw data to locate and utilize the details.



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We are very pleased to be able to add BroadWorks into our interop hosted VoIP applications catalog. This could have not be done without Park Bench Solutions’ well-documented odin platform and robust APIs ...we saved almost a year in development and in this industry that is far too much time-to-market.
— Carlos Lahrssen, CEO of DNA-AS Inc
Our clients wanted a clean, simple interface ...Park Bench Solutions was the clear winner due to their flexibility in meeting the project’s needs, and because of the demonstrated power of their odin platform,
— Rob Dawson, Director of Unified Communications Solutions of Allied Telecom
The Park Bench Solutions team’s unique knowledge & expertise around the BroadWorks overall solution has been instrumental for us as a Service Provider. We are pleased to have such a great partner!
— Michael Martinez, CEO MicroV
Working with Marc and his [Park Bench] team has been a pleasure. It’s great to be disrupting the market with another Tampa Bay company.
— Steve Lazaridis, CEO of Phonism
The team at Park Bench Solutions have been have been instrumental in supporting our projects over the years and we are now very excited to formalize this great relationship.
— Haydn Faltyn, CEO of BroadSource
Park Bench & company is amazing at streamlining and beautifying what would normally be confusing and obtuse tasks. Great job with odin!
— ROSSLANDS Creative

About Us.




Marc Tribbe, founder & CEO

Dusty Doris, CTO


Tampa FL

Scottsdale AZ


Park Bench Solutions, Inc. is a next-generation software and services company that focuses on simplifying complex tasks for our clients. We link solution services together by integrating them into the world-wide leading hosted voice provider, BroadSoft™ and the BroadWorks application platform.

Our unique platform, odin, easily connects to any existing Solution Provider’s infrastructure, serving as a growth engine to fulfill BroadWorks management, integration, automation, and provisioning.

Our expertise trifecta of platform, products, and professional services & development – including extensive knowledge with Caas (Communications-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) – allows Service Providers to easily extend their capabilities and succeed.

Our approach:

Simplify.  Modernize.  Automate.